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Tanya du Toit completed her studies at the University of North-west.  Thereafter she gained valuable experience in varies hospital settings. She started in private practice since 2015.

She see food as nourishing and something that should be enjoyed not feared. She is excited to share her passion for healthy eating. She believes in a whole food diet customed designed to every client. Her goal is to let her clients become their own nutrition guides and to let them live a healthy lifestyle without feeling guilty or restricted.

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Moné Swanepoel is a Registered Dietitian that believes one can eat anything in the world in the right portion size. She have a passion for food and believe a healthy lifestyle is key. 

​She finished her BDietetics degree in 2016 at the University of Pretoria. After her studies she completed her community service year at Dr. George Mukhari Academic Hospital in 2017.  After community service year she did extra nutritional courses in Nutrigenomics, Breastfeeding and Weight loss. Since 2018 she has been working in the private sector. Currently she have a special interests in childhood/ pediatric nutrition, weight loss and Sport nutrition.

"​My Goal every day is to teach people something new about nutritional health!"

“Eat Anything in Moderation!”

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